Redevelopment Emmeloord location completed.

The past period KARGRO worked hard to redevelop the location Emmeloord to create a nice large storage, focusing on the Environment and Fire safety. The area was first fully equipped with drainage and then paved after which large compartments are designed for the storage of tires.

The strong fire walls separating the compartments are made of large concrete building elements. Work has been completed, this location is again fully equipped for loading and unloading Tires.

Minister visits Kargro

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Minister Cramer of the Netherlands Visited Company Kargro, GSU and Margriet to compliment them for their energy saving policy.

VACO branchvereniging - VACO

KARGRO collects truck tire casings throughout Europe.

Every day eightteen qualified inspectors are busy inspecting casings closely on site at customers, tyre services and transport companies. If the casings are suitable for retreading , they will be purchased. If they are rejected, they will be carried off to Rumal against a fee, allowing them to be re-used as raw material. Kargro transports the casings by its own means to its storage site measuring 75,000 m2. Here they are sorted on size, brand and quality. An average stock of approximately 120,000 casings will be ready for transport or shipment to more than 40 countries throughout the world.

The fact that Kargro is not only a VACO approved, but also a Recytyre, TÜV and ISO 9002 certified company should guarantee that the casings are well taken care off.


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