Redevelopment Emmeloord location completed.

The past period KARGRO worked hard to redevelop the location Emmeloord to create a nice large storage, focusing on the Environment and Fire safety. The area was first fully equipped with drainage and then paved after which large compartments are designed for the storage of tires.

The strong fire walls separating the compartments are made of large concrete building elements. Work has been completed, this location is again fully equipped for loading and unloading Tires.

Minister visits Kargro

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Minister Cramer of the Netherlands Visited Company Kargro, GSU and Margriet to compliment them for their energy saving policy.

VACO branchvereniging - VACO

Banden Plan Europa / Tyre Plan Europe.

The activities of two companies within the Kargro Group, Banden Plan Europa in The Netherlands and Tyre Plan Europe in Belgium include the retreading of truck-casings.
Subject to the customer's wishes, the casings will be retreaded either 'hot' or 'cold'. If retreaded hot they will receive the UBO trademark, while if retreaded cold they will be called Bandag.

In any case, the two cold retreading companies do not only operate under the Bandag quality certificate, but are as well as the UBO factory one of the first companies in Europe to be ECE109R and ISO 9001 certified.

It goes without saying that the most advanced inspection methods are applied during production.

In other words:
Banden Plan/Tyre Plan will make you take the road safely.